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>> from washington, the mclaughlin group, for other three decades, sources, hardest talk. >> super storm sandy. >> as we're going through the reconstruction and rebuilding, we have to find ways to build this city back stronger and better than ever before. >> new york city, no electricity, no lights, millions in the dark, fires, subways flooded, ruined rampant, many deaths. >> people work in the subway system, in the construction industry in this state have said they've never seen damage like this, so it's a new reality for us, and i think it's one that we're going to have to deal with. >> besides new york, new jersey was a victim of the disaster. governor chris christie reviewed
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the situation at the shoreline, president obama at his side. >> we are here for you, and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help you need until you've rebuilt. >> later, at a news conference, the governor gave his report. >> the president of the united states and i have had six conversations since sunday. that shows a level of caring and concern and interest that i think a leader should be giving to this type of situation. so today, in fact, reed asked me this after i got off, after you know, i said good-bye to him after air force one, this was as comfortable and relaxing interaction as i've had with the president siknown him, and i think it's because we're doing what we need to be done. >> are you surprised that the
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bipartisanship was there. >> the area the governor grew up in, the shore was devastated. the president says with key help out, and they acted like can with key help the. >> reporter: it didn't surprise me at all. i will say this, it's probably affected the national election. in the sense that the romney momentum is temporarily, certainly was temporarily halted. the benghazi thing has been knocked off the front pages, and the president is putting himself in the role of president as head of state, rather than the campaign mode, which i don't think is effective, i think it's the real toss-up and this interruption has helped the president. >> matt -- political harmony before the three. >> chris kiss tee is emotional, reacting in the moment, he really cares about his state and people. he tweeted that the jersey
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shore, his childhood was gone. this is a very wrenching moment for him as it is for the people who were living through this in new jersey and new york. and the president is doing his job, and it's a time when government has been under assault in the political arena, and it gives the president a chance to show that government can have a positive influence in people's lives. government is working here. the states could not respond fully on their own, they need the help, and so i think this is a moment that i wish we could capture it in a bottle, and continue forward. it's a good thing. >> you think this fellowship could be short-lived? >> no, i don't think it will be short lived. i think this is the decisive moment for chris christie's governor ship of new jersey. you don't have a tragedy like this and event like this, hopefully, no more than once, and the president was by his side, and as pat said, eleanor said, this is a bipartisan moment when people are trying to
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have government work. >> how long will it last? the rebuilding, i mean. two years? >> it will last years, years. >> will that make this relationship a little bit more, sobering? >> you are assuming, of course, that in that question that president obama will be the president as we go forward. if he is, i'm sure it will continue, and if he isn't, i'm sure president romney will be doing. >> what do you think about the announcement of the mayor of new york? >> that was, i have to say that was a stunning announcement. >> what did he announcement? >> he basically announced, he went through, he had a lot of criticism from both governor romney and president obama, and basically he said president obama was not somebody who has shown the bipartisan efforts that he hoped for, but in this particular occasion, for a particular reason, namely his awareness and concern for global warming, he said i'm going to
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support -- >> he gave his backing to president obama as opposed to romney. >> and that surprised a lot of people. >> are you disappointed? >> i'm not disappointed. he's grown up -- >> he's a personal friend of yours. >> yes. >> did you call him up and say what are you doing? >> no, i asked him what he did for the office building for my people because of the flooding. >> i have to get into that with mort. >> i was fascinated by it, john. we want to pin mort down on this. >> it was amazing, i thought, that i don't know why he even had to get into it at this time. he had plenty on his hands. he wants more money from the federal government. >> and i wonder if he wasn't influenced by the superstorm. because the climate change. up until now -- >> the mayor of new york. >> go ahead. >> the mayor of new york, climate change. the issue hasn't even come up, and now boom, this week we're
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focused on it. and at the same time, it brought up mitt romney's earlier statements about wanting to reorganize fema and give it to the states at a time when everybody, especially governor christie, was appreciating the centralized fema and reorganized fema under the obama administration. >> i'd like to point out that mayor bloomberg didn't say it was only on the issue of climate change. he mentioned reproductive rights and pro choice and i think there was another issue. this was a reason -- he pointed out that governor romney had taken reasonable positions in the past, which he had apparently abandoned. >> this is an excellent point. it was also, you know, a rejection of romney. >> who cares? >> who cares about the mayor of new york? he's a big deal in new york, nationally, chris christie is better known. august -- all bloomberg is known
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for is the >> okay. where's mitt? >> at a subsequent interview, the governor took a question from fox reporter steve doocy. >> is there any possibility that governor romney may go to new jersey to tour some of the damage with you? >> i have ea, nor am i the leasbit concerned or interested. >> what do you make of that? >> that's a backhand to mitt romney. that was, and it's very tough, and quite frankly, it's gratuitous, and that will damage chris christie if he runs for president. and he's backhanded mitt romney who is in the race of his life, and endorsed the president of the united states. that was not good of chris christie. >> it might be if obama wins. >> if he want to run for president, that's not good. >> but what does christie want? >> he would like tore governor
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the new jersey a second time. who want to be in the cabinet, john, when you can be governor the new jersey? hillary might be gone after this benghazi thing if that's what you're getting at. >> i doubt it. >> secretary of defense. >> come on, are you kidding me? >> governor christie is a little peeved at the, shall we say the selection process for the vice presidential nominee on the republican ticket. >> he said he didn't want t did you want to be offered it? i think -- >> i'm 23409 -- not going to argue that. >> christie endorsed the president, and you put that together, and add in colin powell, who has had a good week for people still sitting on the fence to see what opinion leaders are thinking. >> let's see if i can climate change, that's right, pat. >> part of learning from this is the recognition that climate
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change is a reality, extreme weather is a reality, a reality that we are vulnerable. >> does hurricane sandy alter opinion, pat, or do you still contend, stubbornly , and some would say stupidly that glop climate change is a hoax, that climate change is a hoax? >> the idea that these characters know exactly what caused this storm is an as far , they are riding their hobby horse, bringing it out every time there is a natural disaster. why would they -- >> let him in. >> why would they leap on it? >> because of the opportunity. >> they haven't had any attention at all, and this, they expect climatologists expect more storms like this. we've had two in how many days? >> you think climate change is responsible for the change and do you have any evidence? >> the warming oceans create
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more powerful hurricanes. insurance companies are all looking at this phenomenon. they understand it's real, and we have three devastating weather events last year, and even the members of congress have created a little of the slush fund knowing there's going to be more demands nor disaster aid relief, i would like to praise the president's fema administration bum fugate who used to work for governor bush in florida, governor chris in florida. >> why adopt you and the rest. panel praise andrew? >> i do. i commend him. >> was he letter perfect? >> yes. >> why did he choose to defend the probability, if that's wt it is, on the who climate change? he's lived through it. >> he wants to run for president. >> there's 20 feet of water -- >> as he put it, these 100 years storms are coming every two years. it's the new normal, and he
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unders as the governor of a state that's there vulnerable, how do you handle the infrastructure? >> who gets resources, all that? that's what it's all about, john the transfer of pour to federal governments from federal governments government to global institutions. >> every time you get a disaster, they say hey, we can solve it but we'll need more money and more power. >> what about andrew? >> what can the democratic party do for andrew? >> andrew is going to be a real player. >> is and dry eligible to -- andrew eligible to become president? >> absolutely. >> do you think he will have a bigger platform? >> he will, he will have a bigger platform if he becomes president. >> you think he will challenge obama? [ talking over one another ] >> the question is, it's too late. but, --
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>> this is an advantage to getting obama in, it's a four year stretch, and opposed to romney who could run 8 years, and that would delay andrew. >> are you figuring -- >> andrew versus christie. >> let's throw in emanuel. you >> when we come back, election day,
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>> the home stretch, american presidential race is undecided, not by the popular vote, or even by who wins a majority of states, but by who wins a majority of the electrical college votes, within those states. it takes 270 to win. the votes are's portioned by population, and the rules are winner take all. whoever wins the most popular votes in a given states wins all of that state's electrical votes. question: how many states are in play that can go either way? >> depending on how you count it, between 8 and a dozen, that are sitting on the fence, and, funny thing is, the polling has been varied, but romney has been strong overall, but obama strong in the states that count. that's where there is the possibility there could be one winner of the most votes while
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the other gets the electrical. >> what are the battleground states? >> romney has about 191 locked up, he has to win florida, north carolina, virginia, he has to win 0 ohio with 18, or find a substitute, maybe pennsylvania, if that's a reach, and add colorado, or something like iowa and new hampshire. >> virginia. >> i don't know why nor carolina is on -- north carolina is on that list. >> he already has it. >> new >> new hampshire, virgin, florida, ohio, wisconsin, colorado, nevada, and if you put that through the grinder, you come out with one state, ohio. is that true? but you have nevada which is leaning towards obama and wisconsin is still leaning towards obama. ohio, is my view, is in dispense able. >> where did you read that nevada is leaning towards obama. >> i haven't seen a poll are
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romney leading first. it's one-third hispanic, and this heavily unionized. >> i have people there and they don't think that at all. >> that's the wrong neighborhood. >> here's the point i want to make. the polls today are regarded at microscopically perfect, you and i know, say ten years ago when you were still doing this show because of your tenacity, and because of my leniency. >> 0 years ago. >> 20 years ago, 30, polls were regarded as a rock makes, these polls today have -- as approximation, these polls today are -- >> there is money to be made. >> one or two -- [ talking over one another ] >> i hate to see this come to an end. >> polls are not that precise. >> if they weren't that precise, why do politicians spend that much money on them? >> they are false idols.
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they are worshiping the false idol. >> the media are more obsessed with polling than before. they show a close race, but president obama with a small but durable lead in the states that matter, and predictions show a race leaning towards the president. >> i don't necessarily agree with that. i think what people would argue is that it is very close, and it's tight in a number of states, okay? >> yeah. >> and the undecided are not -- the general view is that if they have held out this long, chances are they won't vote for the president. that's one argument. so a lot of people look at that in a positive sense. but who knows? >> we're going to find out. >> let mort finish. let's see -- what's the unemployment rate by thunemploy, the more relevant one is 6,
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that's 14.7%. >> you regard this as good news or bad news? the white house says there are 170,000 of new jobs, sectors are up. romney says sad news that unemployment is up, you know, by 1/10th of a point. >> what was it when obama took office? >> it's not saying unemployment has increased. >> it's higher since obama -- >> there are fewer jobs than when obama took office, so it's not been a great improvement in the economy. we've had a very -- >> city an indicator of which way the economy is -- is it an indicator of which way the economy is going? >> it has not healed enough, when you take into fact we spent $4.5 trillion in deficit recovery,. >> and an improvement ratio?
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>> not improving. >> not on that path. >> it's not on that path. >> is it an aberration? >> bureau of labor stats on this. have you requested them? >> yes, they don't tell you a lot of things. like the labor force participation rate. which has dropped to relatively low numbers, which makes the unemployment numbers look better. >> in hindsight, when he criticizes the last month's report. >> last month in the last month's report, the only reason that number got better was 582 people thousand left the calculation, and went to work on a part-time basis, so the part-time jobs got better, but we did not, they took these people out of the denominator. >> those numbers are not that -- >> nay says finish? >> we're being accurate. >> i would say that's the
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nay-ers. if you look at the economy, you could see consumer confidence is the highest it's been. we've had steady, but slow growth. independent economists say we're on track to create 12 million jobs in the next four years, whoever is president. mitt romney is trying to take credit for that. when you start to challenge the numbers, that means you're losing, whether agents -- it's polls or -- >> are you talking all democrats? >> do they realize we're a few days from the election? >> hold on. we had 1.3% growth in the last quarter with all of this stimulus money, and loose monetary policy, and that's the weakest recovery we've seen. >> tax cuts for the rich? is that the answer? >> romney has not demonstrated that he has a better solution than what obama has already offered. >> john, obama has not that is e
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took office in four years. >> it come up. >> four years he hasn't had a better month. >> the economy has improved, it's getting better, but -- >> slowly -- >> improving lowell. we've added $4.5 trillion to the debt of this country. it is almost 230 -- excuse me a said. it took us 230 years to run up that deficit. we are going to have to pay it back and pay interest. >> i'm sure we don't want to take more money out of the economy. >> i don't want to spend it unwisely which is what this administration is doing. >> $16 trillion. he started out with 12 trillion. >> 11 trillion. >> and built it up to 16. >> that's right. >> i don't remember them talking
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about when george bush was paying out money -- >> medicare prescription drug program. >> the country rejected the republican party when they did it, and they shouldn't when owe palm does worse. >> a little -- obama does worth. >> a little late. >> dump bush? >> we'll be right back with predictions.
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>> he next tuesday, the nation goes to the polls, which ticket will win? barack obama and joe biden, or mitt romney and paul ryan? or will it be a tie? 269 electrical votes, to 269 electoral votes. pat buchanan? >> the heart says romney/ryan, and head says too close to call, but i'm going to predict that romney/ryan will win all the 11 states of the old con fed racy, and barely win ohio and colorado, and he'll win with just over 270 electoral votes. >> obama biden will win with
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over 300 electoral votes, it will be a democratic senate, warren will win in massachusetts, and democrats will have 54 seats in the senate. >> i have to say i think this country really needs a change in leadership, given what's happened in the last four years, but i believe that owe -- obama will be reelected, it will be a close race, and ohio will make the difference, if romney carries ohio -- >> quickly -- >> close, i give obama the edge. i'm going to say 260. >> romney and ryan will win with 280 electoral votes. bye bye!
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